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Lasure Capital Management, Ltd. is a registered asset management firm based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded by Dwight Lasure in July 1997, Lasure Capital manages assets of privately offered investment funds with client directed social impact.

Lasure Capital has more than a twenty-year history managing investments through full market cycles.


Dwight Lasure, Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Lasure is the founder and chief investment officer of Lasure Capital, an investment manager of private funds focused on long short domestic, international, and global opportunities.  Mr. Lasure has managed a variety of equity strategies for nearly three decades.

Mr. Lasure has created uniquely structured private funds that bridge the gap between investing and philanthropy while creating tax benefits in addition to risk-adjusted returns for the investor.

Before forming Lasure Capital Management, Ltd, Mr. Lasure served in a variety of positions in several wall street firms.  He graduated from University of Pennsylvania where he was jointly conferred in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton MBA program.  He also graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in economics.

Dwight Lasure
Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Performance Philanthropy

We enhance client directed impact initiatives.

Client empowerment through stakeholder integration of financial and social returns across the entire ecosystem.  The result delivers focused impact, provides a lasting legacy, sustainable funding for non-profits, and long-term market profits with reduced market risks.

Our unique private funds combine alternative investment strategies with client directed philanthropy.  The fund allows clients to keep all of their profits while directing Managements yearly donation to charities the client supports while also gaining tax benefits from the donation.

The creation of this unique fund structure came at the request of foundation board members who tasked Mr. Lasure with thinking outside of the box to provide a structure that would let the client determine the impact that they wished to make and provide a tax friendly way to create sustainability.

(after management fee)
(avg rate)
$10,000,000 10% $1,000,000 33%

In this example 1/2 of the Managing Members Incentive Allocation is $100,000 and would go towards the investors designated charity.
Additionally, the investor receives the tax credit for the MM’s donation increasing investor’s return on investment. (rates mat vary)

Investment Approach

Quantitative • Fundamental approach with a Global Outlook

Lasure Capital’s investment approach is driven by our proprietary computer models that calculate daily quantitative values of the global equity universe before given closer examination from a fundamental perspective.

Our approach identifies opportunities across countries and sectors ahead of the broader marketplace.


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